Decorative concrete stain with Style

A new type of decorative concrete,  is a compound formed by metallic salts and plugged acids of various nature. It is applied on concrete bases on self-leveling materials etc. and it develops with these a chemical reaction which produces colored salt crystals which fills the micro holes in the concrete base, coloring permanently the surface.

It is possible to obtain visual effects that resemble the various marble and natural stones. They are offered in 6 standard colors and it is possible to create a big number of colour tones. The acids can develop different colours if used on different concrete therefore it is advisable to carry out a color test before carrying out the work.

Decorative concrete stain does not contain hydrochloric acid and it can be transported as non dangerous product also by air. It can be used also on stamped concrete floors, imprinted floors of low thickness and style spray floors to improve the surface and to give different colors tones.