Art on Wall

Vertical Concrete," DecoCreate®", a vertical overlay solution for wall. Durability and breathability are the major sustainability benefits of it.

Style Beton is a company that started production of the unique vertical overlay, stamped wall DecoCreate®( Excellent quality vertical overlay for internal and external walls.

Available in a variety of colors and designs, with excellent conduct, to protect both the external and internal walls. It is applied to existing plaster, masonry, plasterboard, etc. after being stamped with similar shapes smacks of stone, brick, wood, etc. Forthe construction of Stamped Wall and BrickCreate you do not need any preparation.It is nessecary only water, ready to made plaster and special stamps, which are available in unnumbered decorative stamping patterns, with thickness until 5cm.Decochrom, waterproof and indelible color, protects the surface and is available in 8 basic colors.

Another use of DecoCreate® is the unique BrickCreate.