Stamped Concrete Overlay with Style


Stamped Concrete Overlay without cracks or airbubbles is one of our unique Concrete Overlay Products of light weight, that can be used also on existing Concrete Floors, with thickness from 7 mm to 25 mm.

Overlay concrete is an innovative system which can be used to cover, finish or revitalize the concrete flooring  in various ways. It can be stamped, acidified, brushed sprayed or worked by spatula. It can be applied on streets, patios, swimming pools, thematic parks, parking area, terrazzo, ramps, walkways, restaurants, pubs, either outside or inside. From an existing concrete it is possible to create an art by using  various models of molds and aging agents it is possible to offer various architectural possibilities.


It can be implemented with thinness varying from 7mm up to 25mm. It can be colored with concrete acid stain. Very strong, excellent adhesion, very easy to apply. Very hard, freezing resistant, water resistant. Optimum resistance to usage and abrasion.